Product Introduction

We will strive to become Taesung IDE Co., Ltd., leading the handrail area through the constant development of novel products and
the quality improvement of existing products, introducing and supplying the excellent domestic and overseas construction materials of
good quality by discovering them and developing further through pioneering overseas market

Installed on the edge of hallway, column and other edge of 90° to 130° angle,
it is the product to prevent the wall damage

  • As the product selection range is wide because diverse colors are available,
    it has excellent interior effects
    (Although it is common that the same color as handrail is selected,
    the color different from the handrail is selected depending on the indoor characteristics)
  • Designed and Installed with complete assembly method, it is easy to be repaired if it is partially damaged
  • With low replacement cost, the maintenance cost can be reduced
  • Production unit is 3m, it can be installed with diver height
  • It is classified into shock absorption type, attachment type and buried type
  • With the simple and convenient installation, it can be installed by everyone
  • With one time installation, the maintenance cost is reduced