About Company

Supplying the best quality products and growing with the customer.
They are what Taesung IDE co., Ltd. are pursuing

About Company

Taesung IDE will provide the best quality and services to the customers

We will make better today and
tomorrow for the mankind.

As a company specialized in construction materials, Taesung IDE is supplying and installing the products to leading domestic hospitals, facilities for the elderly and the weak, facilities for the disabled, silver town, school, kindergarten, hotel, etc.

In addition, we are importing and supplying the overseas diverse and excellent quality handrails, system & door, etc. to the construction market under good condition.

All the executives and the employees of Taesung IDE Co., Ltd. will strive to become Taesung IDE Co., Ltd., leading the handrail area through the constant development of novel products and the quality improvement of existing products, introducing and supplying the excellent domestic and overseas construction materials of good quality by discovering them and developing further through pioneering overseas market